Important Issues

The next few years will be an amazing journey for privacy, sustainability, and what it means to be a human in a digital first world. ZCash has the potential to change the future of the way people fundamentally interact with each other in real world and as we step into web3. The ZCG is uniquely positioned to fund real contributions to this project and shape its future. This responsibility is not something I take lightly.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. This right must be protected as we enter new frontiers of human interaction and commerce. I believe that the work being done in ZCASH as a technology and as a community movement are radically reimagining what is possible in this space and are for the greatest good of all projects.


A peer to peer network must be sustainable long term. Decisions made today will have long term implications on this technology and its footprint for decades to come. Ensuring sustainability will be consider across all aspects of the stack is of utmost importance to the community and the future users of zcash.

Digital Rights

The events of the last few years have changed the relationship with work and technology. We have the technology to empower a global workforce that can shape their own destiny and we are no longer bound by geography when delivering value. Ensuring that human rights and digital rights are fundamentally guaranteed is paramount to all workers in the technology revolution.


Community Member

He has been a participant in the Zcash community in the rocket chat, discord, telegram, and a lurker in the forum since 2017.

Active in ZCAP

He has been a member of the community governance panel since ZCon(0) and has actively participated in the continued voting process

Familiar with Magic

He was a participant of the powers of Tau ceremony. His contribution was covered in the coindesk report on the ceremony

Zeal of approval

He submitted the proposal to vote that resulted in the 'Zeal' as the mascot of Zcash (though he was in favor of secret squirrel) .

Why Cody for the ZCG?


Professionally, I am an enterprise blockchain architect at a professional technology consulting firm and I focus on multi-party systems, conversational AI, digital Identity, and work on implementing zero-knowledge systems at scale. I have worked with distributed systems since the early 2000’s in the US military(leaving government service in 2009) and have worked publicly with “cryptocurrencies” since ~2014. I am currently a board member of the Ethereum Classic cooperative and participating member of the Ethereum Enterprise alliance.


My motivation for candidacy in the ZCG is to advance projects which are legitimate in business purpose, technical aptitude, and are an advancement to the Zcash ecosystem. I am familiar with the needs and requirements of enterprise blockchain and security considerations. I understand that this is not a position to be entered for personal recognition or reward and promise to discharge the duties of the position with fairness, openness, and at the pleasure of the community. Zcash has been at the bleeding edge of distributed systems funding and I hope, by my participation, I am able to help advance this global social experiment.